Is the oldest and largest worldwide fraternity dedicated
to the Brotherhood of Man under the ethos of a
Supreme Being (Belief in God and we have members of
all faiths). Although of a religious nature, Freemasonry
does not profess any particular religion.  It urges its
members however, to be faithful and devoted to their
own religious beliefs. You’ll find Masonic Lodges all
over the world!  The organization of Freemasonry is
based on a system of Grand Lodges, each sovereign
within its own territory.   Here in England it is run by the
United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).   There are
over 330,000 Freemasons spread throughout England
and Wales.   
Scotland and Ireland have their own Grand
Lodges.   London has its own
Metropolitan Grand Lodge
as do all the Provinces in England named after the
counties they are in and each are run by a Grand
Master. The national flags indicate the diversity of our
membership, click on each flag for the relevant Grand
lodge of that country.
Mount Sinai Lodge 8993
(Incorporating Mount Carmel Lodge)
Celebrating over
300 years
of Freemasonry.